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Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool
Careful consideration should be taken in your selection of plantings for a swimming pool deck area, for a variety of reasons. Deck safety and pool maintenance are two mitigating factors to keep in mind when making your decision. The life expectancy of your pool equipment, the pool deck should be considered as well as the chemical maintenance before you plant. We have provided a basic guide in selecting pool deck landscape plantings; we suggest consulting with a professional landscaper prior to completing your backyard paradise planting design.

Trees - When selecting trees to plant around your swimming pool deck or pool equipment, ALWAYS ask your nurseryman or landscaper, "How big is this species at maturity?". A twelve foot tree, today, may reach twenty or thirty feet at maturity. Trees with far reaching roots can crack a pool deck, water pipes and damage equipment. Maintenance may be more difficult and time consuming, with leaves and debris dropping in your pool. Some leaves, berries and or milky sap trees may stain your pool deck or pool surface. Fruit trees may be a hazard, as fruit drops on your pool deck, it can become slippery. Not a fruit most of us actually eat, queen palms produce a fruit that can be messy if it drops on your pool deck or into your swimming pool. AVOID ficus, mulberry and willow, all have invasive root systems.

Flowering vines - How fortunate are Floridians, that we may enjoy flowering vines nearly year round? Sadly, some of those same beautiful flowering vines have thorns. While a Don Juan climbing rose or a Bouganvillea may a good selection to plant as a natural screening for your swimming pool equipment, they are not reccomended for planting next to your pool deck. A better choice near your swimming pool may be a vine Jasmine or Mandevilla, no thorns, however they do have milky sap, take care not to prune them over your deck, as the sap may stain your pool deck.

Shrubs - Probably the most popular in our area are hibiscus, when not flowering they provide nice foliage. Do note hibiscus, dropped blooms may stain your deck and they are prone to leaf drop if we get a freeze though most will come back with warm weather. While the 'fancy' may not do as well, the common garden varities generally tolerate chlorine/salt water splash from your pool. Silver buttonwood is a hardy choice for a non-flowering pool deck perimeter shrub. Many species of dwarf shrubs will give you 'green' without ever causing pool deck or pool equipment damage.

Potted plants - a great choice for small yards. Plants must tolerate full Florida sun. Use care not to place the pots too close to the edge of your swimming pool.

Ornamentals - Commonly used around pool decks are, bird of paradise, east-west palms, crotons, water plants and grasses. Most plants have pros & cons when used in pool deck planting. Ask an experienced nurseryman or do your own research prior to planting. Consider your time available and level of gardening experience. With so many options, you can enjoy years of enjoyment in your backyard paradise without being a professional.